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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Quiltra-Queleual, 1/20000 scale

Completed today, a Super Dimension Fortress Macross kit by ARII, released in 1982. It was the second model I ever put together by myself. I decided to refurbish it so I took it apart. It was easy to clean up the cheap glue my parents had bought me. I had to replace all of the antenna things and sanded down the front so that it had more of a slope the lower it got like the ships had in the cartoon or “Anime,” as many call it. I also used super glue to make the various bubble module things on the forward sides more organic and stick out more. I used a double base because I plan on modifying the SDF-1 that came with it so that it is in battle mode as opposed to the cruise mode it was cast in. Sadly, I only have found half of its main body and the antenna things that go on the “Shoulders.”

Interesting fact… Ok, not interesting but a fact: I bought this at the same place and time as the Thurvel-Salan kit that was documented before the previous post. The reason I chose to buy this one was because I was under the false impression that it was the class of vessel that Breetai and Exedor used. I was wrong, that’s a Nupetiet-Vergnitzs. :c


  1. I love these ships. They were always memorable during the pitched space battles with Macross. And how they'd dissintegrate when hit by a burst of the main weapon. ^.^

  2. Do you want other Robotech Battleships?

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    and by the way I love your work with your Quiltra!

    Thank You!



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