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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Turkish Spiderman, 1/18th scale

Custom figure completed yesterday, September 1st, of “Spiderman” as he appeared in the Turkish film 3 Dev Adam. He’s made from 25th anniversary G.I. Joe parts. I gave him a beer belly like in the movie. :3 Figure stands approximately 3.75 inches tall.


  1. I love the pot belly! Looks scruffy and ornery just like a proper vigilante would ^.^

  2. This figure is so great! I love the last pic of him with the gun.
    You should post more pics and maybe info on how you made him. Which GIJOEs you used, what you use to sculpt on top of the figure, etc. I would love to know. Which GIJOE has that revolver?
    Anyway, GREAT JOB!

  3. I see just one small problem with the figure. In "3 Dev Adam", Spider-Man's outfit was red and green, not red and blue.

    However, looking past that, it is great.



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